This license qualifies the holder to service air-conditioning, heating, and refrigeration units.

Read the excerpts from the Florida Licensing Law below for more information.

This license is not available for new contractors.

Excerpts from the Florida Licensing Law ( F.S. Ch. 489 ):


489.105(3)(h) – "Class C air-conditioning contractor" means a contractor whose business is limited to the servicing of air-conditioning, heating, or refrigeration systems, including any duct cleaning and equipment sanitizing which requires at least a partial disassembling of the system, and whose certification or registration, issued pursuant to this part, was valid on October 1, 1988. No person not previously registered or certified as a Class C air-conditioning contractor as of October 1, 1988, shall be so registered or certified after October 1, 1988. However, the board shall continue to license and regulate those Class C air-conditioning contractors who held Class C licenses prior to October 1, 1988.