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Florida Statutes 489 Part I – Construction Contracting


F. S. 489.105(3) –  "Contractor" means the person who is qualified for, and shall only be responsible for, the project contracted for and means, except as exempted in this part, the person who, for compensation, undertakes to, submits a bid to, or does himself or herself or by others construct, repair, alter, remodel, add to, demolish, subtract from, or improve any building or structure, including related improvements to real estate, for others or for resale to others; and whose job scope is substantially similar to the job scope described in one of the subsequent paragraphs of this subsection. For the purposes of regulation under this part, "demolish" applies only to demolition of steel tanks over 50 feet in height; towers over 50 feet in height; other structures over 50 feet in height, other than buildings or residences over three stories tall; and buildings or residences over three stories tall. Contractors are subdivided into two divisions, Division I, consisting of those contractors defined in paragraphs (a)-(c), and Division II, consisting of those contractors defined in paragraphs (d)-(q):

Division I

(a)General Contractor
(b)Building Contractor
(c)Residential Contractor

Division II

(d)Sheet Metal Contractor
(e)Roofing Contractor
(f)Class A Air Conditioning Contractor
(g)Class B Air Conditioning Contractor
(h)Class C Air Conditioning Contractor
(i)Mechanical Contractor
(j)Commercial Pool/Spa Contractor
(k)Residential Pool/Spa Contractor
(l)Swimming Pool/Spa Servicing Contractor
(m)Plumbing Contractor
(n)Underground Utility and Excavation Contractor
(o)Solar Contractor
(p)Pollutant Storage Systems Contractor
(q)Specialty Contractor

NOTE:  The "specialty contractor" category includes a variety of contractor licenses such as
Specialty Structure Contractor,
Gypsum Drywall Specialty Contractor,
and Gas Line Specialty Contractor.


Florida Statutes 489 Part II – Electrical and Alarm System Contracting

F. S. 489.505(10) – "Contractor" means a person who is qualified to engage in the business of electrical or alarm system contracting pursuant to a certificate or registration issued by the department.

Electrical Contractor
Alarm System Contractor