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License Requirements

Excerpts from the Florida Licensing Law ( F.S. Ch. 489 ):


 “Plumbing contractor” means a contractor whose contracting business consists of the execution of contracts requiring the experience, financial means, knowledge, and skill to install, maintain, repair, alter, extend, or, when not prohibited by law, design plumbing. A plumbing contractor may install, maintain, repair, alter, extend, or, when not prohibited by law, design the following without obtaining any additional local regulatory license, certificate, or registration: sanitary drainage or storm drainage facilities; venting systems; public or private water supply systems; septic tanks; drainage and supply wells; swimming pool piping; irrigation systems; or solar heating water systems and all appurtenances, apparatus, or equipment used in connection therewith, including boilers and pressure process piping and including the installation of water, natural gas ( excluding liquid petroleum gases ), and storm and sanitary sewer lines; and water and sewer plants and substations. The scope of work of the plumbing contractor also includes the design, when not prohibited by law, and installation, maintenance, repair, alteration, or extension of air-piping, vacuum line piping, oxygen line piping, nitrous oxide piping, and all related medical gas systems; fire line standpipes and fire sprinklers to the extent authorized by law; ink and chemical lines; fuel oil and gasoline piping and tank and pump installation, except bulk storage plants; and pneumatic control piping systems, all in such a manner as to comply with all plans, specifications, codes, laws, and regulations applicable. The scope of work of the plumbing contractor shall apply to private property and public property, shall include any excavation work incidental thereto, and shall include the work of the specialty plumbing contractor. Such contractor shall subcontract, with a qualified contractor in the field concerned, all other work incidental to the work but which is specified herein as being the work of a trade other than that of a plumbing contractor.


You must be-  18 years of age, of good moral character, and meet eligibility requirements according to one of the following criteria:

1. – Has received a baccalaureate degree from an accredited 4-year college in the appropriate field of engineering, architecture, or building construction and has 1 year of proven experience in the category in which the person seeks to qualify. For the purpose of this part, a minimum of 2,000 person-hours shall be used in determining full-time equivalency.

2. – Has a total of at least 4 years of active experience as a worker who has learned the trade by serving an apprenticeship as a skilled worker who is able to command the rate of a mechanic in the particular trade or as a foreman who is in charge of a group of workers and usually is responsible to a superintendent or a contractor or his or her equivalent, provided, however, that at least 1 year of active experience shall be as a foreman.

3. – Has a combination of not less than 1 year of experience as a foreman and not less than 3 years of credits for any accredited college-level courses; has a combination of not less than 1 year of experience as a skilled worker, 1 year of experience as a foreman, and not less than 2 years of credits for any accredited college-level courses; or has a combination of not less than 2 years of experience as a skilled worker, 1 year of experience as a foreman, and not less than 1 year of credits for any accredited college-level courses. All junior college or community college-level courses shall be considered accredited college-level courses.

The Exam

Obtaining your Residential Contractors License requires a 70% or higher on the following 3 exams.

Business and Finance Exam

This computer-based exam, spanning 6 ½ hours, offers the flexibility to be scheduled at your convenience. The assessment comprises 120 questions.

Trade Knowledge

This is a two-session paper exam, with each session lasting 4 ½ hours, and it is available twice a month. The first session (am) comprises 45 general trade questions and 5 isometric drawings, while the second session (pm) includes 65 general trade questions.



REGISTRATION DEADLINE:   MARCH 17, 2024                          TEST DATE: APRIL 16-17, 2024
REGISTRATION DEADLINE:   MAY 28, 2024                               TEST DATE: JUNE 25-26, 2024 
REGISTRATION DEADLINE:   JULY 14, 2024                           TEST DATE: AUGUST 13-14, 2024 

Every exam is open-book and requires the use of the provided book bundle.

To register for your exam, visit Professional Testing Inc. 

Application Cut-Off Date is 30 Days Prior to First Day of Exam

Palm Construction School cannot schedule or administer your state exam.