Design of Wood Frame Structures for Permanence, Wood Construction Data #6, 2006


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Design of durable structures is the result of careful planning and understanding of loads and forces that will likely act upon a building during its lifetime. If these key elements are not taken into consideration, the designer may compromise the ability of the structure to remain fully functional over extended periods of time.

When properly designed, wood frame structures will resist damage by moisture and living organisms. Recommendations for control of moisture and protection against decay and insect infestations are contained in this document. Many of the recommendations are established practice among architects, engineers, and builders.

Protection of wood frame structures to provide maximum service-life involves four methods of control, which can be handled by proper design and construction: (1) control moisture content of wood, (2) provide effective termite controls, (3) use of durable materials such as naturally durable or pressure treated wood, and (4) quality assurance.