Fire Alarm Signaling Systems Handbook – 2010



Equip yourself for success with the new edition of this informative text from authorities at NFPA® and the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE). Fire Alarm Signaling Systems provides comprehensive coverage of the full range of issues from signal initiation to system testing so you can meet job challenges confidently.

Featuring clear non-technical explanations, updated artwork, and an easy-to-use format, this how-to resource enhances your Code knowledge so you can:

  • Establish fire protection goals, match the fire alarm system to the goals, and know system limitations
  • Effectively design a mass notification system
  • Weigh the benefits of prescriptive versus performance-based design approaches
  • Maintain quality control during installations
  • Analyze and improve intelligibility of voice communication systems
  • Understand the elements and importance of a well-designed fire service interface