Step #1 – Attend Our Start-Up Class

Without it, you'll be starting on the wrong foot.

This class covers tabbing and highlighting your books, math guidance, and exam strategies that teach you how to study and how to pass the exam. This is a must-do class that will provide you with all of the insight and tools you need to make this venture a success.

Step #2 – Complete Course Manual(s)

You will be given the course manual(s) with practice questions covering all of your reference books in depth, as well as practice exams. All sections have detailed answer sheets which provide the correct answers, the reference page numbers, and math solutions.

Step #3 – Attend Scheduled Classes

These instructor-led classes include practice exams and reviews.

Step #4 – Online Practice Exam

This course also includes free access to one online practice exam of your choice.

Cost of the Classroom Exam Preparation is $1,250
For Business & Finance Only, Cost is $650
For Trade Knowledge Only, Cost is $650
Cost of a Single Day of Class is $125

( Reference books are not included in these prices )

To register, let our friendly staff assist you
Stop by or call 1-800-457-7256

Classroom Exam Preparation Schedule